I don’t think people really understand just how psychologically wounding Clinton’s loss was. 

There’s a strong rational argument for why she was a bad candidate. But I’m not really available to have that argument because the loss was just so viscerally devastating. Most women have had that experience - being the most qualified, performing whatever ‘likability’ is required, the very best girl in the class - and still not getting the job because there’s a less qualified man available.

I’ve mapped all the shitty ways I’ve been treated in work onto her experience and your talking about her ‘unlikability’ or her voice or even her emails makes me want to flip the table. ALSO, she didn’t loose the election. (Hey there Russia, hey there popular vote.)

There’s an almost mythological hatred of Hillary Clinton - that she is a monster. Sure, she’s not the best campaigner and she’s made some bad decisions and I’m sure she farts now and then too, but she’s not a monster. She is a woman though, and maybe that’s worse. 

(She’s fine, btw.)