My favourite Tinyletters/newsletters

As you know, I read a lot of internet. Below are a round up of newsletters/Tinyletters that are constantly in my ‘to read’ pile. I like short essay-y newsletters or linky ones. I especially like when the archive feature is enabled so I can view in my browser and save to instapaper and thus not ruin my beloved reading system. God, I love systems. And reading. And when the two collide.

Some of these are weekly, some are occasional, all are great. Enjoy!

Round-ups of things to read from aggregators, publishers etc: The Sunday Longread, Longform, Longreads, The New Yorker, The Atlantic, my weekly Medium digest.

Round ups of things to read from people who are smart and interested: Ann Friedman, Marin Cogin, Caroline Crampton, Jessica Stanley, Rosie Spinks, Jessica Furseth.

Personal essay-style newsletters: Emily Gould, Ruth Curry, Ana Kinsella, Anne T Donoghue, Helena Fitzgerald, Doree Shafrir, Morgan Jerkins, Jessa Crispin, Dolly Alderton, Jess Grose, Rachel Hills, Jenna Wortham, Maud Newton, Larissa Pham, Anne Helen Petersen, Kate Carraway, Amy Jones, Tina Athena, Schmancy, Hannah Giorgis, Rebecca Onion, Emma Roller


P.S. I’ve just started a newsletter called ‘Trauma and Recovery’. I’ll be writing over there every week or so. You can sign up here, if you’d like to. It’s gonna be FUN! (Really it will - I know that trauma doesn’t sound like it’d be fun to write/read about, but I promise it’s interesting!) I’m going to focus on the newsletter for the next little while, so this blog will be more dormant than usual.