Productivity: A Reading List

Well, it’s a new year and so I’m sure you’re all set on creating a new you. Yeah, me neither. I stopped doing resolutions years ago (though I enjoy my annual unravelling). Still, perhaps there’s something in the ‘fresh start’ of a new year that we can use.

Productivity gets a bad rap. It can too easily tip into life hacking (which feels a little douchey) or get far too screamy with ‘how tos’ seeking to break down all of human complexity to a six step process. As with many things on the internet, it can get unhelpfully competitive too.

At its purest though, i think of productivity as being about getting the necessary stuff done so that you can really enjoy your life. I like to think of it as life question, not a work question. How can I structure things so that I get to enjoy both my life and my work?

Here are a few writers who have made me think about it in new ways:

And I love the nitty gritty of how people actually do it:

A quick plug for my reading system, which saves me a ton of time corralling links from various sources.

And when you’re done driving for productivity, let’s just be sick in bed instead.

Also, fair warning that as I type these words, it’s 22.02 on a Friday night so you might not want to take productivity tips from me!

P.S. I wrote about how Autumn always fires up my productivity engines too.