Six things I loved in April

Just a quick post today, recommending some of my April favourites.

The Rules Do Not Apply, by Ariel Levy

I first read Ariel’s heartbreaking personal essay back in 2013, and have been looking forward to the full memoir ever since. She writes beautifully about the loss of her baby, her spouse and her home, all within a few months. She managed to trap something real on the page and it shook me in that way books should. Also loved her press for the book especially this interview.

Big Little Lies

Like just about everyone else, I fell deep into Big Little Lies this past month. The woman-centric whodunnit is this year’s prestige TV drama, with an all start cast. Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Laura Dern & Shailene Woodley among them. No spoilers, just watch.

My Little Steamer

Continuing my penchant to recommend laundry-related things, I gotta shout out the My Little Steamer. This gadget, purchased on recommendation of the Of A Kind gals, has cut my weekly ironing session in half. It’s a relatively cheap hand-held steamer that’s fun to play with (#nerdfun) and works wonderfully.

Bumble & Bumble

I’ve been using the same hair stuff for ten years, but somehow got the idea that perhaps curly hair specific products might be worth the investment. On a whim, I ordered a bunch of Bumble & Bumble bits and I’ve been very impressed. They cost more than I’d like to admit considering they’re mostly washed down the drain, but they make my hair feel soft and princess-y while smelling nice and not getting tangled. Win, win, win.

The Perfect Woman Supplements

I’ve spent a lot of time slagging off the hormonally attuned supplements I bought when I got tired of being tired, until I got lazy with them for a few weeks and noticed that same dull fatigue return. I eat relatively healthily (I think), but my body definitely benefitted from the extra push. You’ll also be glad to know that they don’t come in a pink box (though The Perfect Man version does)!


Though they’re (deservedly) having a very difficult PR moment, Thinx is a great product. They’re absorbent, reusable period underwear that manage to be comfortable, hygienic and a little sexy. Company problems aside, I do recommend that all menstruating humans add a pair or two to their rotation.