Six things I loved in March

Another month, another set of favourites. Here are six things I loved in March.


I am loving this last season of Girls. The narrative has matured into something darker, more nuanced and funnier than ever. Marnie is on a "psycho sexual hamster wheel” with her addicted ex husband. Shosanna’s idealism has melted into despair, Jessa’s off self-destructing all over Adam and Hannah has become a modicum more mature and considerate, though she’s still tornadoing her way through the world wondering why it’s not all going her way. The American Bitch episode was a perfect bottle episode (following on from One Man’s Trash & the one when Charlie comes back). I’ll miss it when it ends. 

The Americans

When the actual news got too much for me, I sank myself into this 1980s era show about Russian spies. It’s a cat and mouse thriller, without being a whodunnit. It has secrets and intrigue, great costumes/disguises and a reminder of what a pre-internet world was like.  More than anything, it’s about the treacherous intimacy of a marriage. I also have a (somewhat obvious) theory about why we like spy shows. Because we’re all shifting our identities and hiding the truth.

Mari Andrew's illustration class 

I spent a cozy Saturday working my way through Mari’s lovely illustration class. Her drawings often capture something poignant or funny about being alive. This class is a series of prompts and formats, that are designed to make you think as much as to get you drawing something. I really enjoyed it.

Having my own washing machine

This might full under the category of ‘duh!’ and/or modern luxuries that no right thinking person would include in their list of favourites, but I love my washing machine. It broke before Christmas and it took a while to get it sorted. (Still chasing that receipt btw Hotpoint, you really do have atrocious customer service). I trekked to the laundromat every fortnight with a giant bag of stinky clothes in New York and sat on the floor with the bugs hand washing my clothes during a long summer in India. I often think of my grandmother doing it by hand, for 6 kids. There’s something endlessly lovely about hearing the washing machine going while I’m reading or doing other jobs, knowing that this modern convenience is saving me 3 hours of my life. I am always dorkily grateful for that. Love you washing machine, hate you hotpoint!


I might be one of the last humans on the planet to have seen (& loved) Moonlight, but if you have also missed it, do yourself a favour and catch up now. It’s short, poetic and (both emotionally and aesthetically) beautiful. I didn’t know too much about the story going in and that made it better. In sum: it’s a coming of age story centred on a young, black boy. It’s only about 90 minutes long, and every one of them is exquisite. It earned every iota of that oscar, despite the hoo ha.

Memory Bomb Map 

Another great Laura Olin-created crowd-sourced project that blends emotions with technology, which seems to me among my favourite blends. It’s a simple google map where people have imprinted their strongest memories. Very moving to read, and an idea I’m filing away in my mental ‘to do’ vault.