Today, I noticed (the kindly dry cleaner edition)

HAPPY NEW YEAR. I did nothing, of course. Was up past midnight but only because my period came and with it, a flood of “no way are you sleeping early” hormones. I woke up feeling some sense of possibility which was nice, though that tends to shrivel up when I think of the magnitude of NEW YEARS DAY. But hey, it’s just another day.

I thought about sleeping til noon but woke with the trucks going berserk at 6.30am. But it was OK, my eye twitch is gone. I thought about watching the sun rise, or you know, having the curtains open when its dark and getting lighter. That was lovely. Mostly, it was nice not to be in a rush. 

I did some work at my desk. I love wearing these colours - forest green and aubergine purple (though aubergines are black, but that's neither here nor there) and dark denim. I bought a jumper last week that feels like I’m wearing a balloon. It’s so cozy.

I went to collect my one winter coat from the dry cleaners too. I love that my dry cleaners is called Lyk Nu and that the nice lady who works there always compliments my hair. Once when I left the same coat in, with a small tear in the belt, SHE SEWED IT FOR ME FOR FREE LIKE SHE WAS MY MOM.

It’s a family run place that closes on Sundays because you know, GOD. My grandmother had a shop in a country village too. Going there reminds me of her. I wonder if it’s bedlam behind the scenes there too. I imagine it is.

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